Generator Hire
Glasgow, Edinburgh,
& Scotland.

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Nationwide Generator Hire & Service

Got a question about our services?

Call us at 07875 534015

Your local one-stop shop for generator hire in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland and Northern England. Reliable, family run business with over 30 years experience with generator hire and servicing.

Nationwide Reach

We serve customers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, throughout Scotland, and the North of England

Quality Service

With our well-equipped vans, we often resolve issues on the first visit

24/7 Support

Reliable emergency generator hire and servicing, anytime you need it  Get a Quote



When the lights go out, we light the way. Rent generators for events, construction, or emergencies



The future’s electric, and we have it for you. Explore our range of generators for sale



We’re the power behind your power. Trust us for quick and reliable generator repairs

Generator Solutions for Different Industries


From outdoor festivals to corporate gatherings, we ensure uninterrupted power for your event’s success


In the heart of construction sites, our generators power heavy machinery and essential tools reliably


For precision in production lines, we supply unwavering power to keep manufacturing humming smoothly


In the world of telecommunications, our generators stand ready to maintain network connectivity


Amidst remote fields, we provide the energy backbone for modern farming and irrigation systems


On the open seas, our generators guarantee essential power for navigation and onboard systems


For grid stability, we supply the consistent power utilities rely on to serve communities

General Use

Our generators cater to diverse needs, ensuring reliable power for various applications and industries